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Animal garden - this island is home of Skansen, among other things. A place reserved for cultural highlights of the city. We were there to visit the aquarium, but took a walk along the waterfront back to Kungstradgården T-bana. Find the aquarium was a bit of an adventure, most other things on the island are well signposted. Its hiding behind an arthouse, but we found it across the no-mans-land car park from Grona Lund.

The aquarium itself, although quite small, is nicely set up. With a number of sections, including a rainy rain forest and a (thankfully non-smelly) sewer. We had lunch looking out over the Baltic harbour, across to the cruise liner dock on Södermalm. Watching the Waxholms Bolaget ferries sailing back and forth. This is a wonderful location, worth the entrance cost on its own, never mind the fisk.

IMGP1428.JPG An alleyway by the waterfront
IMGP1430.JPG Fusebox
IMGP1431.JPG Djurgården 9 ferry
IMGP1432.JPG Cars on a jetty
IMGP1433.JPG Cart
IMGP1441.JPG Poet
IMGP1442.JPG Poets view
IMGP1444.JPG Nordica museum
IMGP1445.JPG Looking across to Östermalm
IMGP1446.JPG A god on a bridge


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