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Sollentuna bound

We walked over the bridge from our flat in Akalla, heading toward Sollentuna Centrum. Theres an industrial/commercial area on the way, we passed a number of car dealerships and tech offices, Sun, Grundig, LG & Microsoft.

Beyond these theres the main junction with the E4, the main road north from Stockholm, we found the border between Stockholms Kommun and Sollentuna Kommun.


Entering Sollentuna itself we encountered what appeared as if it should be a shopping centre, but without any shops in - there was a row of blocks of flats with shops underneath them, but it was not like the centre we were expecting to find.

We went around the block where we found the station - and decided it might be worth a look on the other side on the offchance there might be more of the centre there. We discovered a building marked 'Sollentuna Centrum' so that seemed like a good place to look for lunch. No joy. Its just a small building containing a few shops. Just across the way theres another building that looks rather like a car park, which, it turns out, contains a more significant shopping experience. Unfortunately we were there around 4:30 so all of the food shops were closing so we had to opt for a kebab at the one place that still looked open.


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