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Akalla park

Running along behind Kista, Husby and Akalla there is a valley containing a large park. This was a bit of a surprise - I'd found a bit of it before when I was exploring out from Kista but had thought it was just a childrens play area so didn't wander around much. Approaching from Akalla station it is obvious it is a large park. There are a number of attractions including Pony Riding and Minigolf. Both closed at this time of year.

IMGP1469.JPG Minigolf with Akalla flats in the background
IMGP1472.JPG As I was taking this picture I was approached by an old man who asked if I was going to send the picture to Stockholms Stadmuseum (the owners of the park) - he explained that there is a big problem of stolen cars being abandoned like this and cluttering up the park, he would like to see them be cleared more quickly. Indeed, there do seem to be quite a disproportionate amount of abandoned stolen cars around this whole area, its not just in the park. I explained that I was going to put the photo up on the net and that I would explain what it was.
IMGP1476.JPG Husby grave grounds - this is an ancient burial site, with around 40 mounds.
IMGP1478.JPG The site of the earliest known Husby village, over the hill from the grave grounds.


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