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Boat to Vaxholm

Stockholm is a city built of islands - I had intended to explore them before, but had missed the boat. So I got up especially early for a trip to the archipelago. The boat ride is beautiful, taking just over an hour to get to Vaxholm, stopping at a number of islands on the way, but only the ones it needs to stop at, if there is noone waiting at the stop or wishing to get off it won't stop there. By each request jetty there is a circular flag on a stick looking somewhat like a lollipop mans stick, but with a lever to raise or lower the flag.

The sea here is quite calm, it is very sheltered by the islands, though I'm sure it is a good deal wobblier when you get out toward the edges of the archipelago.

Some of the islands are really quite small, with perhaps two or three summer houses on them, though the boat doesn't stop at such small places. There are also a number of larger islands, as well as a couple of stops on the mainland.

One place I would like to explore some more is Gåshaga, the end of the Lidingöbanan, the rail line for the island of Lidingö. Checking the map when I got home suggested a shorter round trip, taking the train back from there, stopping at Ropsten to explore the north side of Djurgården.

The journey back into the centre of Stockholm after dark was wonderful, with many houses lit up against the dark hillsides and forest. The lights building to a crescendo as we arrived back at the quay in the centre of the city.

IMGP1654.JPG Grona Lund
IMGP1655.JPG Giraffe cranes
IMGP1657.JPG A windmill
IMGP1668.JPG Islands
IMGP1670.JPG A lighthouse
IMGP1674.JPG Vaxholm in the distance
IMGP1678.JPG Car ferries
IMGP1679.JPG The ferry Söderarm
IMGP1681.JPG The fort/prison, and a water taxi


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