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At the end of the road to Skavsta there is the small industrial town of Nyköping, the NYO Skavsta gets its IATA airport code from.

The town itself clearly used to be a major industrial centre, but now it is more of a tourist centre, with the old mills next to the river turned into heritage museums and handcraft shops. Unfortunately I didn't find the river until after dark so didn't get to see it properly, so would like to explore it a little more during daylight.

IMGP1722.JPG Nyköping high street
IMGP1724.JPG A statue in the park
IMGP1726.JPG The park
IMGP1734.JPG A water fountain in the main square
IMGP1736.JPG The main square, looking down the high street
IMGP1739.JPG Some gardens near the industrial heritage area
IMGP1741.JPG More gardens
IMGP1743.JPG A memorial to the industry in the town


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