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Reykjavik walking tour - part 1

We took a walking tour of the city, figuring this would give us an interesting insight into the city. Its a free tour but well worth going on, with a fantastic, slightly anarchistic, guide (whose name was, I think, Ole). "I don't get paid for this so nobody tells me what to say".

IMGP3815.JPG Location
A rather sad statue outside the tourist office at the start of the tour.
IMGP3817.JPG Location
The more prosperous the country gets the uglier its buildings are - this one caused significant uproar when it threatened to spread a plague of concrete across the town.
IMGP3818.JPG Location
When corrugated iron came to the country it was only used on roofs but they soon realised that the rain goes in all directions so they put it on all sides of their buildings.
IMGP3819.JPG Location
A typical city residential street.
IMGP3820.JPG Location
One of the oldest buildings still in use in the city.


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