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Gripsholms Slott

Griphsholms Slott is an impressive castle on the lakeside 40 miles west of Stockholm.


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» Gripsholms canons from Stockholm and beyond
In the courtyard of Gripsholms Slott are a pair of what appear to be Turkish canons, but the notice explaining their history claims they were captured in Russia. Location Location... [Read More]

» Gardens of Gripsholms Slott from Stockholm and beyond
Gripsholms Slott is set on a small island near the city of Mariefred (though it doesn't have the population of 10,000 needed to technically be a city in Sweden). Location Location Location Location... [Read More]

» Gripsholms runestone from Stockholm and beyond
In the grounds of Gripsholms Slott are a pair of rune stones. Sö 179: "× tula : lit : raisa : stain : þinsa| |at : sun : sin : haralt : bruþur : inkuars : þaiR furu : trikila... [Read More]

» Mariefred from Stockholm and beyond
Gripsholms Slott is on the edge of the small town of Mariefred - we visited the castle last time, but not the town. Its a quaint little town on the waterfront with a view to the castle.... [Read More]


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