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Reykjavik walking tour - part 2

(see also part 1)
We passed through the parliament square.
IMGP3821.JPG Location
The exhibition of an ancient settlement that was found during the building of our hotel.
IMGP3822.JPG Location
Half of the square.
IMGP3823.JPG Location
The parliament building, someone has stolen the door. Or perhaps its just being restored?
IMGP3824.JPG Location
The other half of the square outside the parliament.
IMGP3825.JPG Location
The gardens at the back of the parliament, site of one of Icelands most significant terrorist scares when our guide triggered something of an overreaction by jumpy American military police.
IMGP3827.JPG Location
The back of the parliament building, this garden is open to the public despite the terrorism threat posed by errant pacifist anarchist guides.


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